Rothwell Duplex Project#2 Before


The Story……….

The Owner built 10 Years prior, a Duplex with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a single Lock-Up Garage on each side, both units on a single title on a 600 sqm block.

Who could be so unfortunate to have a spell of bad tenants on both sides and with the owner living remotely from the property.

Fortunately the Owner was able to claw some insurance back for loss of rental income and damages to the property.

With Unit 1 empty for over 3 Months due to it’s condition and Unit 2 tenants not paying rent for 2 Months, the bills were not being paid and the property was due for repossession in 4 weeks. Here’s what we found……. (There was a lot more property damage than this amount of pictures can show)